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Laurie Weber Offers Ashiatsu massage

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My nam looe is Laurie Weber, Licensed Massage Therapist and only ONE of two massage therapists in Northeast Ohio that specializes in Ashiatsu massage therapy!  My home studio in Hudson creates a soothing and tranquil environment for the ultimate in healing and relaxation!


What's Ashiatsu All About?

Ashiatsu massage is also known as  Barefoot Massage and  Oriental Bar Therapy. This unique type of massage technique involves the application of the therapist's feet to a patient’s body delivering long gliding strokes and deep compression. In Japanese, ashi means "foot" and atsu means "pressure" so it literally translates to foot pressure.

Ashiatsu or Barefoot massage is a better alternative to deep tissue and relaxation massage because I control my pressure according to your comfort level without the soreness! Trigger point therapy as well as neuromuscular therapy can also  be included with Ashiatsu, making it the perfect medical massage. Once you've tried Ashiatsu, you'll most likely never want to go back to regular "hands on" massage again!

What To Expect

   Before your visit, you will have  already filled out the  medical history intake form online. On the day of your session, I will further consult  with you as to what your goals are.  It's recommended that you  disrobe completely, including underwear. This makes it easier for me as there is a lot of hip and gluteal work involved. If you opt to keep underwear on, it's not a problem, just know that I'll only be able to do compressions in that area. You'll of course, be draped for the entire session.  

   While you are disrobing, I'll be cleaning and sanitizing my feet.

Most of the time you'll be laying prone (face down) I will be apply oils or cream to the body before I begin. 

The massage itself is performed with long , broad, and deep  gliding strokes with the arch of my feet. I also use the balls of my feet and heels for deeper pressure where needed. 

PLEASE NOTE:  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to let me know if my pressure is too light or too heavy, because of this reason I will keep checking with you in regards to your comfort level. This massage  should be comfortable and feel great!  It should never be painful.

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