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The Buzz About Collagen


Collagen is the building block of protein in our bodies but somewhere in our 30's the collagen in our bodies becomes depleted. Collagen helps us in so many wa​ys. Benefits like strong nails, healthy joints, healthy hair growth, helps saggin​g face difference but it's quite dramatic!

What types of collagen do you need and w​hat do you look for in a collagen supplement? Collagen comes in pill form as w​ell as a powder. I use the powder, just because your body can absorb it quicker. A scoopful of powder ​can be mixed into your morning coffee, juice, soups, whatever. Just a heads up, warm liquids make it dissolve quicker. Its odorless and tasteless. There are SO MANY collagen products and they're not all the same. When choosing a collagen product, make sure it says it's "hydrolyzed." This simply means that the molecules have been broken down for better absorption into the blood. If it doesn't say it's hydrolyzed, you're just wasting your money because it won't be absorbed properly to digest.

Collagen products come from mainly two sources, bovine (cow) and fish (marine) Bovine is recommended, especially of the cows are grass fed. With marine collagen, it's a mystery. It's sourced by fish, but they never explain exactly WHAT kind of fish they're using. With grass fed bovine it comes from free roaming cows. If you're a vegetarian, you may want to stick with marine collagen. There are many types of collagen and the benefits differ as to what type you're using. Believe it or not there are 16 types of collagen, but the most popular ones are Type 1,2, 3 and 4.

Basically all you really really need is Types 1 and 3. More is not always better so refrain from buying a collagen product that has more than 2 types. Usually a product like that will have less of the Types 1 and 3 that are the important ones.

Last, but not least, collagen prices can be pretty steep. Just because it's a higher price doesn't mean it's a better product. Look at the labels. The better ones will be made in the USA and third party tested, which means an independent company tests the product for quality and efficacy